Adderall and Army Dudes

How common is Adderall or similar drugs on Wall Street?  

 Very.  If you're asking because you're taking it and you want to make sure you're not alone, you're not.  But if you're asking because you're considering jumping on the "A Train" as a way to compete with your co-workers, please think twice before you do. Many long-term users would tell you it's a habit they regret starting.  Not just because they're concerned with what they're doing to their brains and livers, but because it has an insidious way of convincing you you're not as smart or valuable without it. Which is total bullshit.  If you've made it this far without it, keep going.

As an Army Officer who graduated from a decent school (West Point) how difficult is the transition between the public and private sector? I’ve read in multiple places public sector employees who make the transition after a career (so 20 in the military) just get churned out of private sector jobs. Reason being is they grew up in a socialist enterprise.

 Well, I may not be the most objective person on this topic, because the former military leaders I’ve worked with have been some of my top performers (and the Army Officer’s Guide is one of my favorite gifts to give colleagues). Yes, there are some military personnel who can’t successfully make the transition, but not because “they grew up in a socialist enterprise.”  It’s because they failed to identify, respond, and rise to the requirements of the position they hold within the civilian workplace.  Nobody develops leadership skills better than the military.  Nobody.  But what you do with those skills is totally up to you.

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