Do I follow the money or follow my dream?

I’m debating between two jobs right now, a lower level position in the industry I want to end up in (film) or a much better job (and pay) at the tech firm I’ve been working at. I don’t necessarily buy into the whole “follow your passion” bullshit, but I also don’t want to unintentionally end up on a lame life treadmill.
— Torn

Following your passion isn’t bullshit.  People who tell you it is probably never identified or followed their own (clichés are clichés for a reason).  Your early career years should be used for exploration – sometimes you gotta try on a lot of jobs before you find one that fits.  If you’re already up for a promotion at your tech gig, let’s assume you’ve got skills that you can fall back on if the film job doesn’t work out. Film is an incredibly competitive industry, so if you’ve got a lead on something, I say follow it.  This is a textbook example of potential regret that might haunt you later.  

Carpe diem dude.

Bossy Skirt