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Do or do not. There is no try.

Don’tcha just love Yoda?  I know that particular quote smacks of an inspirational, running shoe affirmation, but that’s not where I’m going with it.  Do or do not.  Pretty simple stuff, but one of the most common (and sometimes costliest) performance mistakes people make.  Which leads me to today’s hack:

Do what you say you will do.

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Straight talk - it's not for sissies.

Have you ever had to tell someone something really awkward or difficult?  The answer is most likely yes – we all have.  However, in our world of cyber communication, it’s pretty easy to avoid a face-to-face conversation,so it’s becoming more common for the hard-to-say stuff to happen digitally.  I’m old enough to remember when it was deplorable for someone to break-up via text and now it’s the most frequently used method(sigh……)

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